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Jean Royère
booth conception by India Mahdavi
Miami, Nov. 30 - Dec. 5, 2010

On the occasion of Design Miami/ 2010, the Galerie Patrick Seguin is pleased to present a booth entirely dedicated to JEAN ROYÈRE (1902-1981), designed by India Mahdavi. In order to create a booth befitting Royère and his design legacy, Patrick Seguin approached Paris-based architect and designer India Mahdavi, who has worked with the gallery on Design Miami/ presentations in the past and designed the gallery’s 2008 Royère exhibition at the Sonnabend Gallery in New York. Mahdavi’s design concept for the exhibition is derived and inspired by the work itself. She has said: “the highly distinctive range of colors, the treatment of the walls — with paint and naive-pattern Svenskt fabrics — and organically-shaped carpets are all informed by Royère’s unique design language. The environment is appropriate to the work and provides the visitor with a richer way of experiencing and appreciating Royère.“Among other pieces on display, visitors will see Jean Royère’s Ours Polaire. Created in 1949, this sofa and armchairs are made of wool textile on a wooden frame and feet. Photographed above, the set just calls out for visitors to take a seat. Royère’s Sphère Table (made of gilt wrought iron and black marble) and Table, 1954-55 (made of straw marquetery and brass) will also stun with their sheer elegance.