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Shanghai, Nov. 4-14, 2021

On the occasion of DESIGN MIAMI/ PODIUM X SHANGHAI/, Galerie Patrick Seguin presents a fine selection of works by JEAN PROUVÉ.

This first collectible design event in Asia, coinciding with Shanghai ArtWeek, will take place within the beautiful No. 1 Waitanyuan venue.

Under the direction of locally based Curatorial Director Aric Chen working in tandem with Deputy Curator Violet Ruhui Wang, our Shanghai debut will explore the theme of Wu Gan: The Art of Design. Including rare and exceptional 20th-century and contemporary design and art, the exhibition will highlight the connection between objects and environments and the aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual experiences they impart.

According to Chen, “Throughout most of Chinese history, little distinction was made between what we now consider to be the separate fields of art and design. It was only with the Industrial Revolution in the West that design became conflated with mass production, form, and function—a constraining definition that has once again expanded in recent decades, alongside definitions of art. By underscoring the narratives, processes, and ideologies.

No. 1 Wai Tan Yuan
No. 33 Zhongshandongyi Road, Bund 33