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Basel, June 12-18, 2023

For the 17th edition of Design Miami/ Basel, GALERIE PATRICK SEGUIN will present a collection of key pieces by JEAN PROUVÉ, illustrating the creative genius of the constructor and the timelessness of his work.

An exceptional selection of 16 Jean Prouvé chairs will be exhibited, each a different model or colour. From the early 1930s, with the historic Cité chair, to the 1950s with his signature Métropole no. 305 chairs, not forgetting the masterful Direction no. 353 swivelling office chair, this selection of iconic pieces provides a remarkable testimony to Jean Prouvé’s unique vision and demonstrates the technical and aesthetic evolutions seen throughout his career.

A selection of three particularly noteworthy pieces from Cameroon – all in aluminum – will also be shown: a magnificent SAM Tropique no. 303 table, and an exceptional no. 101 wardrobe and no. 152 sideboard. Iconic Jean Prouvé pieces, characterized by their extreme rarity, they illustrate the fruit of his research into the concepts of convertibility and mobility for export, a demonstration of his audacity and modernity.

A very rare rolling stepladder made for the BNP Paribas bank vaults in Paris – of which two examples are currently held in the collections of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Musée des Beaux-arts in Nancy; a Cafétéria no. 512 table with compass legs; a Cité bed in red – without doubt the most iconic model of this type in the work of Ateliers Jean Prouvé; and a large swing-jib lamp with sleek lines will complete the display.

DESIGN MIAMI/ BASEL Hall 1 Süd, Messe Basel, Switzerland
Booth G16