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Jean Prouvé – Pierre Jeanneret – Jean Royère – Le Corbusier

For the thirteenth edition of DesignMiami/ Basel , Galerie Patrick Seguin will present a selection of remarkable pieces of furniture by Jean Prouvé , Pierre Jeanneret and Jean Royère , as well as elements of architecture by Jean Prouvé and Le Corbusier .
A beautiful Jean Prouvé table created for the Solvay factory in 1942 will be on display at the gallery’s booth.
The gallery will also exhibit a rare pair of low chairs, called the “Armless Easy Chairs”, and a sofa by Pierre Jeanneret from the famous city of Chandigarh, India.
A distinguished showcasing of Jean Royere’s works of furniture and light fixtures arranged on their own will illuminate a separate corner of the booth.

Among the elements of architecture, the gallery will present the exceptional sliding door from the Pavillon du Centenaire de l’Aluminium. Already well-known for his work in prefabrication, Jean Prouvé was called to design a building that would accentuate aluminum’s rich and innovative qualities at a time when it was still a relatively unknown material. To fulfill the commission, Prouvé created a structure that was astonishingly light for its immense size. Composed of glass and aluminum, the Pavillon was assembled on the banks of the river Seine in Paris in 1954 and then was reinstalled in the northern city of Lille in 1956, where it would stay until 1998.
The gallery will also participate in Design at Large with a harmony of different facade panels by Jean Prouvé spanning multiple decades, selected in organization with curator François Halard’s vision of calling to mind the questions pertaining to the relationship between design and time.