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December 5 – 10, 2023
Convention Center Drive & 19th Street
Miami Beach, USA
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We are pleased to be back at Design Miami/ for its 19th edition starting tomorrow December 5!

In an elegantly designed installation, the gallery will exhibit a selection of exceptional pieces by JEAN PROUVÉ, including a rare S.A.M. Tropique no. 503 table from Cameroon and an all-aluminum porthole panel from a Metropole house.

A living room will be set up with a pair of armless easy chairs by PIERRE JEANNERET, a Forme Libre low table by CHARLOTTE PERRIAND and a SCAL no. 450 bed with swiveling tablet a.k.a. Antony bed by JEAN PROUVÉ and Charlotte Perriand.

Two monochromatic Bridge FB 11 armchairs, distinguishable by their vibrant red color, will accompany a S.A.M. no. 506 table from Brazzaville Congo (Africa).
Ordered from JEAN PROUVÉ to furnish the Air France building destined to house the company’s European personnel, this demountable dining table is finished with a tabletop in African wood.

The axial portal frame a.k.a. “Compas”, from the F 8X8 BCC demountable house designed by JEAN PROUVÉ and PIERRE JEANNERET, will be used as the guideline in conducting this exhibition. A model of this pavilion, a selection of contemporary photographs and historical drawings will highlight the ‘constructive imagination’ of Jean Prouvé.