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Welcome to our new Youtube channel!

GALERIE PATRICK SEGUIN is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new Youtube channel!

With this initiative, Galerie Patrick Seguin continues its rigorous work to promote JEAN PROUVÉ’s oeuvre, both his dismountable houses and his furniture: as of today, the gallery has assembled the most important collection of these small pieces of architecture, which for the most part are either unique examples or were produced in very few numbers. Benefiting from the same constructive principles than those applied to his furniture, Jean Prouvé’s structures, produced from the 1930s, are assembled and articulated by clever mechanisms, allowing the furniture as well as the buildings to be easily modified, disassembled, and moved: here’s a great opportunity to admire the assembly and disassembly of these unique houses in fast motion.

You will find animatics, made with the help of photos and original plans, allowing to apprehend in detail these real performances of transportable and dismountable architectures, like the 6×6 Demountable Houses for the WWII disaster victims realized from 1944 and rare survivors of the post-war period; or the “adaptation” of the building housing the Ferembal‘s offices (Nancy, 1948), carried out in 2010 by architect Jean Nouvel at the request of the gallery, which testifies to the lasting relevance of the method.

Immerse yourself in the practice of this pioneer in the innovative production of the twentieth century, by listening to the series in 11 episodes, “Jean Prouvé’s philosophy“, consisting of excerpts of interviews and images from the film “L’architecte et son temps” (The architect and his time) by J.M. Leuwen, H. Damisch & S. Faure (1973) and France Culture’s “La Grande Table, Retour sur l’œuvre de Jean Prouvé” (2012); or, watching a full interview with Mark Wigley, architect and author, conducted as part of the exhibition “Jean Prouvé Architect for Better Days” at the LUMA Foundation (Arles, France) in 2017-2018.

Archival images, contemporary shots of architecture, furniture and exhibitions are waiting for you: Subscribe to our Youtube channel to not miss anything!