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A rare escapee of the post war period, this model was realised in 1944 and destined to rehouse the homeless in the Lorraine area. Doubly implicated in the reconstruction of this region, Jean Prouvé, originally from Nancy and builder extraordinaire, obtained from the government through the Ministry of Reconstruction an order for emergency housing. A veritable example of transportable and pre-fabricated architecture, these “ barracks ” were produced exclusively in wood and metal (taking into consideration the shortage of metal). They were directly shipped in parts to villages devastated by the bombardments. They could be put together in 2 days by 2 people on the site of destruction, allowing those without a roof to stay in their respective villages. The scarceness of materials and of funds, as well as the priority granted by the Ministry of Reconstruction to more solid dwellings, explains why these temporary lodgings never went beyond the stage of small production.