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In October 2010, GALERIE PATRICK SEGUIN exhibited Jean Prouvé’s Ferembal house adapted by Jean Nouvel in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Originally designed as a two-storey house on a masonry base, this construction was adapted to a new configuration as a single-storey pavilion. Using contemporary techniques, Jean Nouvel highlighted and exploited the mobile nature of this architecture by systematizing the modular logic of the structure. The design of the new entrance steps is perfectly in keeping with Jean Prouvé’s constructive logic.

PROUVÉ | NOUVEL FEREMBAL HOUSE establishes the link between two major architects – Jean Prouvé and Jean Nouvel – and two periods – 1948, when the Ferembal house was designed, and 2010, when it was exhibited in the Tuileries – with an in-depth examination of the building’s design in its historical context as well as its contemporary adaptation.

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Weight 2,9 kg
Publisher : Edition Galerie Patrick Seguin, 2011
Language : French-English
Number of pages : 336 pages
ISBN : 978-2-909187-01-3
Distribution : Interart - Dap